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Privacy Policy For Volunteer Kansas


In keeping with our mission, Volunteer Kansas is required to gather certain information about the individuals and organizations we serve.

At the same time, we think it’s important that you understand a few simple things about how we collect information and how it might be used. It’s like this:


1. We only collect the minimum information needed to effectively match volunteers and

2. We don’t disclose this information unless there is evidence of bad behavior.

3. You might be part of a really great success story that we want to share. In that case, we’ll get
    your prior approval.

4. We have these things called cookies that reside on your computer. They are harmless and
    don’t contain personal information. You can delete them, but you may lose some functionality.

5. Just because you see a third-party link on our site doesn’t mean we endorse it.


Now, get out there and start volunteering! Come and give it.

If you have questions or comments about this privacy policy, please click here to use our contact form.