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Aluminum Cans

Kansas Humane Society (organization)

Added: 7/15/2010
Posted In: Need - Materials
Description: Please donate your aluminum soda cans to the Kansas Humane Society. We'll recycle them and use the funds to help our homeless pets.

Thanks to our special volunteers who manage this aluminum can recycle program.

Drop Off Locations

Kansas Humane Society - 3313 N. Hillside
Flint Hills Liquor - Kellogg & Andover Rd.
Goddard Baseball Fields - Adjacent to Clark Davidson Elementary
Leekers - 61st St. & N. Broadway
M & M Mufflers & Brakes - 2410 W. 25th St. N.
Motorsports 3110 South Southeast Boulevard
Old Circuit City Store Parking Lot - 6920 W. Kellogg
Old Safeway Store Parking Lot - Harry & Woodlawn
PetSmart West - Next to Town West Mall
Platt Liquor - 725 W. 29th St. N.
Sams Club - 3415 N. Rock Rd. (north lot)
TMC Home Center - 5204 N. Maize Rd.
The Grinder Man - 510 E. Pawnee
Twin Rivers Ball Diamond - 1701 N. Ridge Rd.
Walmart - 21st St. & Maize Rd.
West 13th St. Shopping Center - 3108 W. 13th St.
Whites IGA - 19950 W. Kellogg, Goddard

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