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My Father's Last Christmas?

Added: 11/11/2014
Posted In: Need - Materials
Description: In need of flooring materials cheap or better yet free (wood or ceramic tile preferred) carpet and some vinyl tile would do. Trying to help my parents fix their home to pass an appraisal for a reverse mortgage so that my mother can remain in our family home after my father passes. He was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive and fast acting cancer. The chemo has shrunk the tumors in his lungs and his liver but although they have given him more time all they can guarantee is another 6 months. My brother is in prison and I'm hoping he is released in time to see our father again. He has 6 grandchildren (my 3 who live in the house and will be homeless as well once he dies) and my brother's 3 who want to spend time with my parents and this house has enough room for them to come and spend the weekend. It just needs some work.

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