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Veterinary Clinic Supplies

Kansas Humane Society (organization)

Added: 7/15/2010
Posted In: Need - Materials
Description: Please contact Vicki Struessi at Webster Veterinary Supply by calling (800) 477-2345 or e-mail to order.

Ophthalmoscope / Otoscope Tono Pen
Sterile syringes with needles (3 cc with 22 gu 1 needles, 1 cc with 25 gu 3/8 needles )
Needles (sizes 25, 22, 20)
Disposable gowns (paper, used / worn cloth)
Small , medium, and large exam gloves (mostly medium)
Sterile Surgical Gloves (predominately size 6.5 [13 boxes / month], do use 6.0, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0)
Cloth surgical gown (large or XL)
Cap (bouffant cap)
Surgical Mask (3M tie on)
Tissue adhesive
Scalpel blades (size 15)
Fenestrated, cloth drapes (30 X 30 with 2 fenestration, or 40X 40 with 4 fenestration)
Cloth Instrument Pack wraps (24 X 24)
Artificial Insemination Plastic Tubes (used for fecal centrifugation)
Zinc Sulfate fecal solution
Clipper Blades (size 40 and 50)
A-5 Clipper
Pill Pockets
Gauze spongesnon-woven ( 2 X 2 and 3 X 3)
Sharps containers (small and large)
Endotracheal tubes (pediatric- size 2 & 3, and clear, with cuff- size 3 through 11.)
Suture Material (monofilament absorbable size 0 to 4-0, and multifilament absorbable size 0 to 4-0)
Bandage Materials
Vet wrap (1, 2, 3")
Thermal Barriers for surgical patients
IV tree and pump
Slicker Brush

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