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Thrive! Butler

PO Box 811  | Andover, KS 67002   |  Butler County   |  316-633-6890


Website: http://www.thrivebutler.org

Thrive! Butler is serving people living in poverty, with an emphasis on people who are generationally poor, meaning poverty is a way of life going back several generations. Generational poverty forces people to live in survival mode. The impact of that lifestyle stunts future thinking and the ability to plan for the long term. In short, people who have been raised in poverty have no idea how to not be poor anymore, but like anyone, they feel the desperate, human need to connect. Thrive! Butler utilizes the services available through the Aha! Process, based on Ruby Payne’s work in poverty reduction, to develop a 16-week course called Getting Ahead. After graduation, we match each Team Leader with an Ally, a person from the community who can provide advice and guidance in achieving their goals, and increase their Team Leaders social capital.
We offer participants a Hand-Up, rather than a Hand Out. For without Intervention, it is likely Children living in poverty will become Parents living in poverty.

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