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Featured Opportunities

CCI Greenheart

Be a Dream Catcher

Mayuko's dream is to attend an American high school, go to prom, and wear a cap and gown for graduation. Julian from Germany... more

Harvesters, The Community Food Network

MLK Day of Service

A rewarding opportunity to serve on Monday January 19th. Join us to learn about Dr. King, Civil Rights, Harvesters and Hunger... more

Partners for Wichita, Inc.

Bags of Blessings

Bags of Blessings is a community-wide effort in which hygiene items are gathered for those need. We need helpers to help... more

Coffeyville Recreation Commission

Fishing Derby Volunteer

Volunteers needed for registration and for measuring fish during derby. Event is held in April of each year. more

Mt. Hope Sanctuary, Inc.

Lawn Care

We will be in need of a person or a group of people to mow, weedeat, and edge our lawn in the spring through the fall. This... more

Independent Living Resource Center

iCan Bike - Wichita

iCan Bike - Wichita is a five day bike camp for persons ages eight and up diagnosed with disabilities such as the full spectrum... more