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Featured Opportunities

Kansas Guardianship Program

Guardian Advocate for Adults

KGP: The Kansas Guardianship Program is recruiting and training interested persons to provide this individualized, legal... more

Coffeyville Recreation Commission

Fishing Derby Volunteer

Volunteers needed for registration and for measuring fish during derby. Event is held in April of each year. more

Mt. Hope Sanctuary, Inc.

Lawn Care

We will be in need of a person or a group of people to mow, weedeat, and edge our lawn in the spring through the fall. This... more

Off Road Rage Adventure Race

Off Road Rage Adventure Race

The Off Road Rage Adventure Race is an annual fundraiser for Camp Quality of KS! This special camp is designed for kids battling... more

Wichita Public Library Foundation

Art Day of Giving

Help collect donations at Watermark Books for the Wichita Public Library on April 24th for the 2nd annual Art Day of Giving.... more

"Angels in the Outfield"

"Angels in the Outfield"

Volunteer "Angels in the Outfield" we need you! A little about the "job" description :) -Angels must be at least 10 years... more

Rolling Hills Zoo

Park Painting

Rolling Hills Zoo is currently looking for adult volunteers to help paint the park. We are looking for 5-7 volunteers willing... more

United Way of McPherson County

"Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive - Food...

Teams of three (3) individuals needed to collect food bags throughout the city of McPherson and deliver items to the McPherson... more

Episcopal Social Services

Kindness Moves Me 5k Volunteer

Kindness Moves Me 5k route runs through the beautiful neighborhood of Riverside. We are needing several volunteers to stand... more


Ten $500 Seed Grants Available

For Volunteer Projects

 in Kansas

To Apply,

Email the following information to contact@volunteerkansas.org:

1.   Write a paragraph telling us about your organization; include contact information.

2.   Write 1-3 paragraphs explaining your project, how volunteers will participate and who it will benefit.

3.   Submit a budget detailing how you will use the $500.

Projects chosen for grants require listing as volunteer opportunities on www.volunteerkansas.org. Projects must include the use of at least 20 volunteers. Winners will be asked to post videos/photos from their project to the Volunteer Kansas fan page on Facebook or Twitter. Grants must be used before December 31, 2015. Deadline for application is April 17, 2015. Awards made at Volunteer Kansas’ discretion.