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Featured Opportunities

Kansas Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Help Long-term care residents; become...

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program serves people who are residents of long term care facilities. The program investigates... more

GracePoint Community Church

Summer Bags of Blessings - Assembly

The GracePoint Homeless Outreach team serves our neighbors on the streets of downtown Wichita through regular lunches and... more

Dirty Kanza Promotions

Dirty Kanza 200 X volunteer opportunities

The Dirty Kanza 200 is a world premiere cycling event based in Emporia, KS. This year, nearly 2,000 cyclists will line up... more

Cowley First-Cowley County

Paint Barn Quilts-Barn Quilt Blockparty

Cowley First is seeking volunteers to help paint barn quilts, which will be hung and displayed on barns across Cowley County... more

Stop Hunger Now

The Green Express Studio Meal Packaging...

This project is a meal packaging event opportunity to be hosted by The Green Express Studio, Inc. (TGES) for volunteers in... more

Biking Across Kansas

Biking Across Kansas (BAK) SAG (Support...

Experience the fun and camaraderie of BAK! Receive $20 per diem to assist with gas. Using your own vehicle or riding with... more

Episcopal Social Services

Kindness Moves Me 5k Volunteer

Kindness Moves Me 5k route runs through the beautiful neighborhood of Riverside. We are needing several volunteers to stand... more

Wichita Parks Foundation

Independence Day Block Party

The Independence Block Party event will be host to a 1,000 foot slip and slide. We are looking for volunteers to help to... more

Galva Friends of the Trail

CKC, Galva Friends of the Trail

Need help building rails for existing bridge. more

Independent Living Resource Center

iCan Bike - Wichita

iCan Bike - Wichita is a five day bike camp for persons ages eight and up diagnosed with disabilities such as the full spectrum... more