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Featured Opportunities

The Arc of Sedgwick County

Community Garden

We have a community garden that is the largest garden in the city of Wichita. Our clients have built the garden and we need... more

TFI Family Services

Childcare, 3 hrs - Pittsburg, KS

Play games, make crafts, watch movies with the kids while the parents attend their foster care support meeting! Simply caring... more

Wichita Public Library Foundation

Art Day of Giving

Help collect donations at Watermark Books for the Wichita Public Library on April 24th for the 2nd annual Art Day of Giving.... more

"Angels in the Outfield"

"Angels in the Outfield"

Volunteer "Angels in the Outfield" we need you! A little about the "job" description :) -Angels must be at least 10 years... more

Make-A-Wish® Kansas

Make-A-Wish Kansas: Shining Hope Gala

Set up (6) 10:00 am - 2:00 pm General set up, decorations, unloading Registration (8) 3:00 - 7:00 pm Bid packets... more

Rolling Hills Zoo

Park Painting

Rolling Hills Zoo is currently looking for adult volunteers to help paint the park. We are looking for 5-7 volunteers willing... more

United Way of McPherson County

"Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive - Food...

Teams of three (3) individuals needed to collect food bags throughout the city of McPherson and deliver items to the McPherson... more

Wichita Parks Foundation

Chapin Park Clean Up Day

Wichita Parks Foundation is hosting a volunteer park clean up day at Chapin Park. This is the first of many park clean up... more

Dirty Kanza Promotions

Dirty Kanza 200 X volunteer opportunities

The Dirty Kanza 200 is a world premiere cycling event based in Emporia, KS. This year, nearly 2,000 cyclists will line up... more


Ten $500 Seed Grants Available

For Volunteer Projects

 in Kansas

To Apply,

Email the following information to contact@volunteerkansas.org:

1.   Write a paragraph telling us about your organization; include contact information.

2.   Write 1-3 paragraphs explaining your project, how volunteers will participate and who it will benefit.

3.   Submit a budget detailing how you will use the $500.

Projects chosen for grants require listing as volunteer opportunities on www.volunteerkansas.org. Projects must include the use of at least 20 volunteers. Winners will be asked to post videos/photos from their project to the Volunteer Kansas fan page on Facebook or Twitter. Grants must be used before December 31, 2015. Deadline for application is April 17, 2015. Awards made at Volunteer Kansas’ discretion.