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Featured Opportunities

Rolling Hills Zoo

Zoo Events

Special Events at Rolling Hills Zoo take place about once a month! Come out for half a day or a day & participate in these... more

AmeriCorps VISTA

AmeriCorps VISTA

Rainbows is currently taking applications for an AmeriCorps VISTA position. We are looking for looking for a college graduate... more

Girls on the Run Fall 5k Volunteer

Girls on the Run Fall 5k Volunteer

Please register for the event at: https://www.raceplanner.com/register/Index/H5QWMML7UGIAI3E?sid=bee72daabaaa44f686af8ccb7458f046 more

Coffeyville Recreation Commission

Fishing Derby Volunteer

Volunteers needed for registration and for measuring fish during derby. Event is held in April of each year. more

Independent Living Resource Center

iCan Bike - Wichita

iCan Bike - Wichita is a five day bike camp for persons ages eight and up diagnosed with disabilities such as the full spectrum... more