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Pitcher, Catcher

Beep Baseball


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Beep baseball is a baseball team for people who are blind or visually impaired. Envision is starting up a team and need dedicated volunteers for key positions. See what beep baseball is all about. Watch this link to find out more. Several dedicated volunteers are crucial for a team to survive. These volunteers may have several duties. A few key people are needed to be the pitcher, catcher and spotter(s). They must be willing to attend all practices and all tournaments which may require taking time off from their jobs to attend the weekend tournaments and taking a one week vacation to attend the World Series. Continuity is vital! A pitcher must know his/her batters and know where to place the ball for each batter on his/her team. This knowledge comes from constant practice. The batters must know and trust their pitcher, they must be familiar with his/her rhythm for pitching and have faith that he/she will get the ball on their favorite bat at just the right spot for a great hit. The catcher must work closely with the pitcher to set an accurate target for each batter as well as to know if each batter is set up properly in the batter's box. Each field spotter needs practice learning the defensive strategies so the fielders will feel comfortable with their spotter(s) and trust their calls. The spotter or spotters call out a number to signify which part of the field a ball is traveling toward. Generally, the middle of the outfield is labeled 6, and either side, left and right, is numbered from 1 to 5 in a mirroring pattern. The spotter must also watch to ensure that nobody collides. Other volunteer opportunities can include the following positions: �Transport the team members to and from practice and/or tournaments. These volunteers could rotate and are not required for every practice as long as someone is available for the task. �Base operator who activates the base so the runner can run to the buzzing base. �Field marker who sets up or tears down the bases for practice. �Secretary for team and organizational meetings. Volunteers would create the agenda and keep the minutes of the meeting. �Fundraising leader to brainstorm ideas and coordinate the fundraising events for the team. �Create and maintain the web site for Wichita Association of Blind Athletes. �Photographer or Videographer for fundraising events, practices, games and WABA in the community. �Maintain social media presence on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. �Legal advisor for copywriting logo and liability insurance questions. These volunteers are needed for Wichita Association of Blind Athletes (WABA)/Wichita Falcons. Tournament info for 2019: St. Louis - May 3rd to May 5th Tulsa World Series - July 28 to August 4

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