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Actors, Directors, and Stage Hands

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Actors, Directors, and Stage Hands

Wichita Community Theatre

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Our volunteers support every aspect of producing our eight shows per season at WCT. All our board members, our cast, crew, directors, production help, work day participants, and box office and snack bar staff are all volunteers. Volunteering for cast and crew requires going to an audition, typically scheduled two months before opening night for each show. Directors submit applications per season, and are selected via an interview process by the Play Selection Committee, headed by the Vice President. Production help is recruited through each individual director, and so requires contacting each director per show. Our work day participants come on announced Saturday mornings from approximately 10 am until 2 pm and do tasks like moving flats, painting, and constructing the set. As the show gets closer to opening night, these mornings may involve theater cleanup, too. Box office and snack bar positions are available on each show night, and involve receiving money and providing either programs, soft drinks, or snacks. WCT is always looking for new avenues for inexpensive advertising. All of these opportunities are available to someone without any theater experience. We announce all our volunteer opportunities through two avenues: Our email list and our Facebook group. If you wish to join the email list, simply visit our website and fill in the form. You can add yourself to the Facebook group if you have a Facebook account. Work day announcements typically come the Wednesday before the Saturday we plan to work, unless we are able to schedule them in advance. Audition notices come out as soon as the director sets a date and time.



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