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Assist in Pottery, Jewelry, Art & Painting

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Assist in Pottery, Jewelry, Art & Painting


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In order to reveal that a person without sight can still encompass a creative vision, Envision offers accessible art education for youth and adults with vision loss including consumers in our Vocational and Life Skills Development Center.In collaboration with volunteers and arts professionals, Envision Arts opens the door to the arts for youth and adults who are blind or low vision. Art offers to people who are visually impaired a tangible way to "map out" a sense of the world. Art is cultivated from within, builds confidence and increases self-concept while enriching hearts and minds. Every person can benefit from the critical thinking skills, language skills, cooperative learning and life enrichment provided by studying the arts. Art-making can serve to foster sensory awareness, manual dexterity, self-confidence and self-awareness. Art can also serve as a catalyst in addressing many issues that people who are blind face today including literacy, social integration, mobility skills and employment. Creative Practices for Adults meets every Tuesday from 11:00am - 2 pm. Volunteers hours are flexible between 11:00am - 2:00pm, but would prefer a volunteer who could commit to all three hours each week.

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