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Family Promise of Greater Wichita

401 N Emporia St.  | Wichita, KS 67202   |  Sedgwick County   |  316-977-7026

Children / Families

Website: www.familypromisewichita.org

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Our Mission

Family Promise of Greater Wichita unites hearts and hands to provide compassionate hospitality and empower homeless families with children to achieve sustainable independence.

Our Uniqueness

Our customized case management allows us to walk beside families in life, partnering with them to achieve their goals. This allows high-quality, high-impact care.

There are three unique phases within our overall Sustainable Independence Program (SIP):

Phase 1: Emergency Services

Families are assisted with urgent/crisis needs for homeless prevention or shelter diversion.

Phase 2: Rotation Program

Families experiencing homelessness are provided lodging, food and hospitality in host congregations as they work on goals through accountability based case management.

Phase 3: Graduate Stabilization

Families who have successfully completed the Rotation Program are eligible for continued support with case management, referrals and in kind donations when available.

Families seeking services start the process by completing an initial phone interview. During that call, a determination is made for which program will best serve the family’s needs. If we are not able to help, we will refer the family to an agency that can.

Emergency Services:

Services to families in this program could look like a bus pass, pack of diapers or a partial rent payment. Case management is provided to families on a short term basis but can take the form of budgeting assistance or a referral to another agency to meet a particular need.

Homeless prevention services provide resources to help a family stay in their current home.
Shelter diversion services help a family move from homelessness to housing, avoiding the shelter system all together.
Rotation Program:

Overnight lodging is provided by congregations, using existing facilities for temporary bedrooms.
Evening Meals are homemade and contributed by volunteers. Breakfast and lunch supplies are also provided.
A Day House serves as a central hub for case management, a consistent address, showers, laundry, job searches, skills training, and connections with community resources.
Transportation is provided to and from congregations and the Day House via program vehicles driven by volunteers.
Case management focuses on walking with families towards sustainable employment and housing and is customized to each situation and need.
Pet Fostering provides a home for furry friends while a guest family is in our Rotation program.
Graduate Stabilization

Graduates from our Rotation Program have the option to continue on and be a part of our Graduate Stabilization program. In this program they are connected together in community providing support to each other and receiving support from staff and a network of volunteers and community partners. Graduates have the opportunity to participate in life skills classes, a graduate savings program and case management on an as needed basis.

A network of Community partners refer families in need to us and provide resources as we collaborate to provide the best care to the families that we encounter.

Donors fund our program in a variety of ways: individuals, congregations, businesses, clubs, and more. Cash donations are tripled by in-kind contributions of time, facilities, and supplies.

Supplies for the Day House and for guest family needs are provided by volunteers and supporters of our program.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How are families referred to the program?

A network of community partners refers families to us, or families may self-refer, and they must meet criteria and make commitments to our program. An in-depth intake interview process takes place after a family initially qualifies.

What are some advantages of the Family Promise program over a more traditional shelter?

A Family Promise Affiliate (there are 200+ nationwide) has these advantages in communities:

It is cost-effective because it utilizes existing community resources.
This program doesn’t institutionalize shelter as a solution to homelessness.
About 76 percent of the guest families find permanent housing, often with volunteers’ help.
Family Promise can be a vital outreach ministry within the walls of the members’ own church or faith building.
Are you based in Wichita?

Yes! We are an independent nonprofit based in Wichita. We are also proud to be part of the nationwide Family Promise network of caring communities, providing hospitality and advocating for the needs of local families in over 200 affiliate locations since 1986.

Are you a 501(c)3?

We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit approved by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Governing documents and financial statements are available upon request.

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